We invite you to submit your papers!

The accepted papers and posters will be included in Proceedings digital document published by TUCSA and the selected papers will be published by other international journals including the followings;

Abstract Deadline: 8 July 2022

Abstract Submission Guidelines Abstracts will be prepared and submitted in accordance with the Instructions to Authors below.

INSTRUCTION TO AUTHORS This Instruction to Authors is to provide help for authors who wish to submit their abstracts.

1. Submission of the Abstract
Authors are asked to submit abstracts in both PDF and MS Word format electronically by email to science@tucsaevents.org or yesimgures@gmail.com

2. Preparation of the Abstract

    a. The abstracts must be submitted only in English and typed with single column and single line spacing on single side of A4 paper.
    b. The abstract must not exceed 250 words. The title of abstract should be maximum 20 words. The whole paper must not exceed 400 words (Including author information, affiliation details and title).
    c. Arial font will be used in the abstract.
    d. The abstract should give clear idea about the paper to be submitted. Therefore, title should reflect the theme of the paper. Inclusion of the text is determined by the author. As advisory, the text may include the following paragraphs / sections;    
      (1) Problem statement in general and in specific within the context of particular study
      (2) Purpose central theme of the paper (Aim and objectives) by also briefly mentioning about background, rationale and goals.
      (3) Brief information on data used (size of sample, type of data etc.)
      (4) Analytical tools & techniques used to process the data
      (5) Discussing the key results of the study including main message
      (6) Conclusion and the way forward
    e. The abstract should contain:    
      (1) A title which well reflects the contents should not be capitalized, only first letters in capitals (15pt),
      (2) All the name(s) and affiliations(s) of authors(s) (11pt) and affiliation remarks (8.5pt.),
      (3) Item titles and text will be 11pt, the titles of each item will be bolt, sub titles will be typed by italic letters.
      (4) Key words will be 9pt.
    f. Abstracts will not be re-typed or corrected once they are submitted.
    g. It is the author's responsibility to submit the abstract in perfect order with no errors in spelling or grammar.
    h. Authors can be co-authors on other oral presentations and authors on multiple poster presentations.
Template (A): You can read and download the abstract template by clicking
Tables and figures: The tables and figures cannot be included.
Review and Notification of Abstract Acceptance Scientific Committees decisions will be based upon evaluation of its scientific standard. The Scientific Committee will allocate each accepted abstract to the most appropriate form of presentation. After selection, all presenting authors will be sent full information regarding PowerPoint preparation, poster size, style and layout, as appropriate.
All presenters must register to attend the Meeting.